Have you been weighing up a career in nutrition, but you aren’t sure what steps to take or how to find nutrition jobs?

Working in nutrition opens up a range of career opportunities, such as working as a personal trainer, a caterer, a nutritional aide, or a nutritionist. Here’s what you need to know to launch a career in nutrition.

1. You can help people improve their lives

Health and wellbeing is such an important part of modern life, and people are more and more concerned about what they are putting into their bodies. But as people get more curious about nutrition and healthy eating, there can be so many conflicting ideas they get from the overwhelming amount of information out there. By working in a nutrition role, you will be able to offer people tailored information to suit their body and lifestyle goals. You can help people improve their livelihood and increase their health and wellbeing.

2. There is a strong demand for nutritionists

Nutritionists advise people on dietary matters, aimed at improving their personal health. You will plan and implement diets and meal plans and educate clients on the importance of nutrition and healthy eating. Nutritionists need to know the nutritional values of different foods and meals, and know when to make adjustments to diet plans. With the increased focus on healthy eating, demand for nutritionists is set to increase over the next five years.

Source: SEEK

3. You can pursue a range of different roles

A career in nutrition provides a variety of roles you can pursue to educate people about healthy eating and living and improving their lifestyle, such as:

• Nutritionist
• Caterer
• Cook/chef
• Health coach
• Naturopath
• Personal trainer

How to launch a career in nutrition

4. You can turn your passion into a career

If you’re thinking about working in nutrition, it’s more than likely you already have a passion for healthy eating and a desire to educate others. Pursuing a career as a nutritionist, caterer or personal trainer gives you the opportunity to pass along your knowledge. In fact, a study by SEEK of people already working as nutritionists found job satisfaction was rated very highly, at 4.7/5.

Source: SEEK

5. You can get pick up skills quickly

Studying an online nutrition course can help equip you with the knowledge you’ll need to have a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing. The Advanced Nutrition Certificate covers a range of topics, such as general nutrition, nutrition for exercise, nutrition for weight loss, diet assessment, and hydration. The online nutrition course will give you a deeper insight into how fitness, nutrition and personal health interact to give clients the results they want.

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Sources: SEEK


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The aged care industry remains one of the most in demand sectors across the country, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the jobs market.

Seek’s Employment Report for August 2021 confirmed the number of job ads declined by 5.3% across Australia from the previous month.

But healthcare and medical jobs – including aged care workers – were in the top three industries in terms of job ad numbers in every state and territory in the country.

Source: www.seek.com.au

The demand for aged care workers will only continue to rise, and studying a short online course is a quick way of upskilling and making yourself employable in the sector.

Australia has an ageing population, with projections suggesting there will be four million people aged between 65-84 years old by 2022.

Care and support is usually provided to elderly Australians either through the residential aged care sector, or by community-based service providers at their homes.

Research by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) found urgent needs to be taken to boost the numbers of aged care workers.

CEDA chief economist Jarrod Ball said the aged care industry is facing a shortage of at least 110,000 aged care workers within the next decade.

We will need at least 17,000 more direct aged care workers each year in the next decade just to meet the basic standards of care.

Deloitte Aged Care Lead Partner Anita Ghose said technology and innovations could be gamechangers for the sector.

What we see around technology and innovation is the ability give our workforce greater time to care on the front line and to do that in a way that is enabling rather than dictating.

She said technology could improve productivity and kept disruptions to a minimum.

If you want to be a part of the future of the aged care industry get in touch to discuss the exciting options we provide.

If you’re a training company and do not have online training delivery you’ll be kicking yourself right about now. Research shows a 380% increase in online learners taking to the internet to wash away those self-isolation hours.

E-learning cuts through COVID-19 pandemic

If you would ask any sensible person about their expectation of 2020 in January, even the wildest guess, it would not have come close to what was about to happen. However, we are not here to talk about the never-ending COVID topic across the media.

In this article, we want to share with you the positive impact of e-learning and how you could take advantage of the uncertainty in the current state of the market to drastically improve your career and business outcomes within the next 6-months.

Since the second quarter of the year, we witnessed a new level of social connectedness on a global scale, innovation, and adoption of new technologies at an incredible rate. We have seen restaurants improve their business models, new apps to bridge both ends of demand and supply with minimal physical human interaction.

On that note, the education sector undertakes the most dramatic change; the rise of e-learning where teaching is undertaken remotely on digital platforms. For many people like you and me, this means staying ahead of new legislative changes and requirements, ensuring you have the right knowledge, skills set and qualification to be ahead of your peers is easily accessible more than ever.

For example, if you have been thinking about strengthen your project management or leadership skills to increase your career potential in a senior position next, you could complete a short course online anytime, anywhere through Education Online. Best of all, it’s 100% tax deductible!

According to Forbes, when you earn a certificate, you can expect anywhere from a 13 to 25% boost in your annual salary. In other words, by adding practical credentials to your resume, you will also improve your chances for higher pay significantly.

Quality education may come at a high cost but with the advent of e-learning, resources are accessible at a much lower cost than you could ever imagined. It not only provides personalised content, tailored for the busy people with specific career goals, it has also shown to increase retention of information and takes less time.

At Education Online, we noticed many students aged 25 – 45 years old are taking advantage of this uncertain times to prepare themselves for a better future through education. It is indeed the perfect time to leverage current experience and skill up with the most current knowledge to move into more senior positions or higher paid jobs.

Compared to an expensive college or university, our short online courses are excellent alternatives for anyone looking to upskill or reskill now without the need to fork out thousands of dollars. If you have been considering taking up a course that will enhance your resume or increase your career potential in challenging times like the pandemic, click here to view our list of affordable short courses today.

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